Savannah (rockerannah) wrote in rockerannahicon,

Thirteenth Round of Icons: Rockstar INXS Contestants

Today I made some more Rockstar icons... I hope you all enjoy them! Let me know if you're taking them!

Icon Count: 16



Comment and credit!

Mig Ayesa


Mig Ayesa/Marty Casey


Marty Casey


JD Fortune



Suzie McNeil



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Deleted comment

I took both of the Mig icons and the first Suzie icon.

Lovely icons.
*goes spastic* I took both MiG, and the first MiG and marty one!!! Your icons ROCK.
Saving the Marty icon. And that first MiG and Marty icons is so sweet :
I love the Marty and Suzie icons!
So great!
Took some, will credit you!

Mig #2
JD #5
Misc. #1

<3 your icons are the awesomest.
but your myspace is the awesomest! lol <3
love both MiG&Marty and MiG alone. not taking, just saying
Took a couple JD and MiG.
taking suicide blonde and the very last icon ♥
took marty and the second mig!! i love ur icons!!
took suicide blonde. :)
took a few
thanks! they're great!
will you please credit me for the one you are using? that way more ppl will come to my community :) thanks!
sure will.

sorry bout that!

(i couldnt see where you said comment and credit. usually i look for it on the top.)
took marty, and the last icon (misc) :D
these are great...I will credit you big time!!
took the second MiG/Marty and the Marty one.

I love you!!
snagging both Mig/Marty ones. Will credit when used :)
Took the first JD one. Will credit when I use it.
Where did you get the pictures from? The first JD picture in particular
just the rockstar site
Taking the 1st JD one - thanks!
Forgot to ask - can I use the icon on a JD forum I am on?
sure thing as long as you don't take credit for it lol


11 years ago


11 years ago

Took all the JD ones. Awesome job!

Will credit when I use any.
You're a gun! :-D

Pilfered first 3 JDs...have icons, will credit! ;-)

Took the ROCK JD one and the Suicide Blonde Suzie one - mint work keep it up!! I will credit, promise :):)
Took 20
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